Urban Forestry as Green Infrastructure

Join the PWP to discuss Urban Forestry with beginners and seasoned professional. If you are an experienced professional, this will serve as a refresher to catch up on fresh talking points and re-learn how to talk about the basics with beginners. Interns and beginners, this urban forestry intro is for you! The discussion will benefit planners, public works staff, parks & recreation, or anyone working on green infrastructure. Learn the important part trees play in urban ecosystems.

Presentation includes:

  • Trees 101. All the basics, 60 seconds at a time. Learn an ‘elevator speech’ for discussing trees with the public. Frank F. Rodgers, Executive Director, Cacapon Institute
  • Stormwater 101. Fundamentals of stormwater runoff pollution and BMP’s (Best Management Practices) to mitigate the problem. Mathew Pennington, Region 9 Economic and Development Authority (WV)
  • Tree Biology & Health. Introduction to tree ID, basic biology, and indicators of health or injury. Shawn Walker, President & CEO, Trees 101
  • Chesapeake Bay Program. CBP is the only institution in the world that has managed to ‘turn the tide’ on dead zones. Learn about the history of urban forestry restoration and discuss potential for the future. Sally Claggett, U.S. Forest Service Liasison, U.S. EPA Chesapeake Bay Program
  • Trees as Green Infrastructure. Learn fresh and appealing ways to promote forest-friendly neighborhoods and the science of understanding the benefits of trees. Bryan Seipp, Watershed Manager/Forester, Center for Watershed Protection
  • Personal Safety. If you are working on “street trees” then you are in the street. Review safety tips for working in the public ROW. TBD
  • i-Tree Tools. USDA Forest Service offers free analysis tools to inventory trees and monetize trees’ value in fighting climate change and improving air and water quality. Tanner Haid, Urban Watershed Forester, Cacapon Institute

Cost includes lunch. Regular: $15 / Non-profits: $10 / Interns & Students: Free

This event is being organized by Cacapon Institute and the City of Martinsburg. Cacapon Institute is requesting ISA CEU.

For agenda details or to RSVP:  https://form.jotform.com/90623575144962

Tuesday, May 21, 2019.  9:00 – 4:00.  Martinsburg, WV (TBD).



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