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The Potomac Watershed Partnership (PWP) is a collaborative effort among federal, state, and local partners to restore the health of the land and waters of the Potomac River Basin, thereby enhancing the quality of life and overall health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Why is PWP Important

The Potomac Watershed Partnership is not the only restoration effort in the Potomac, but it is one of the first large-scale collaborative efforts to focus on the region’s land use and water quality. The individual strengths, alliances, and resources of these federal, state, and private groups are coming together to work on common goals.

Nearly four centuries of intense land use have threatened the health of the Potomac River Watershed. Many of the river’s tributaries have been altered and degraded. Acid mine drainage has polluted its headwaters, while farming has overloaded the waterway with sediments and nutrients. Rapidly expanding urban populations and urban sprawl have created a host of problems, from urban storm water runoff and altered streams to fragmentation of the forest and destruction of critical fish and wildlife habitat.

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