Livable Communities— Greening our Urban Landscapes

On December 9, 2014,  organizations throughout the Potomac Basin and Chesapeake Bay Watershed joined together at the Mary Jane and Jame L. Bowman Library to discuss what we can do increase the greenery in our urban communities.  Agenda

Presentation Resources:

Trees for Sacred Places
-Lou Etgen, Maryland Director, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay & Jodi Rose of the Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake

Community Environmental Management
-Alana Hartman, WV Department of Environmental Protection

Forestry for Real Estate: Enlisting New Audiences to Expand your Outreach
-Craig Highfield, Program Manager: Forests for the Bay, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

Trees For Bees
-Herb Peddicord, Chesapeake Bay Watershed Forester, WV Division of Forestry

Green Infrastructure at Multiple Scales: How to Regreen and Relink the Urban Landscape
-Karen Firehock, Executive Director, Green Infrastructure Center

Greening the Forest Patches—Baltimore’s Forgotten Treasure
– Katie Lautar, Program Manager, Baltimore Green Space


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