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Riparian Buffer & Tree Planting in Romney, WV

WV Communitree EventWest Virginia Division of Forestry and WV Department of Environmental Protection recently collaborated with West Virginia Schools for the Deaf & Blind (WVSDB) and the City of Romney on the Potomac Valley Project CommuniTree event. This tree planting event was held on May 2, 2009 at the WVDSB campus in Romney, West Virginia. Volunteers donated their time to assist in the planting of 20 urban landscape trees on the upper portion of the campus and 600 feet of riparian buffer along Big Run, which flows through the lower section of the campus.

West Virginia’s Project CommuniTree promotes urban tree planting and public education through volunteerism on a region scale. The program also focuses on enhancing and promoting awareness of watershed and riparian area needs such as storm water management, water quality issues, buffer zone planting, and soil erosion. The project is entirely volunteer based and engages stakeholders in the process of making priority decisions within their respective communities and offers a strong educational message along with a physical planting component. The WV Project CommuniTree slogan is “Building Communities from the Roots Up”.


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